TRL Transport Research Laboratory

 Transport Research Laboratory TRL (United Kingdom) is one of the largest and most comprehensive independent transport research centres worldwide. For 75 years it has developed research-based technical knowledge which enables clients to obtain a better understanding of transport problems, to improve value for money and to generate competitive advantages.
TRL cooperates with governments and international funding institutions to set standards for highway and vehicle design, formulate policies on road safety, improve transport and the environment, and to encourage good traffic engineering practice. Its work for companies enables them to gain added value in providing and maintaining transport infrastructure and services, or to minimise the cost of transport on their operations.
Its primary objective is to conduct commissioned research, investigations, studies and tests to the highest levels of quality, reliability and impartiality. TRL carries out its work in such a way as to ensure that clients receive results that not only meet the project-specification, but are also geared to rapid and effective implementation.
TRL has one of the world's most comprehensive collections of transport books, journals and reports with access to worldwide information.

Responsible Person

Suzy Charman

Other persons involved

Jeremy Broughton
Louise Walter