KfV Kuratorium für Verkehrsicherheit (Austrian Road Safety Board)

The Austrian Road Safety Board KfV is active in all regular fields of road safety work and research, including accident statistics and traffic engineering, driver education and vehicle technology, traffic education, traffic psychology (e.g. driver aptitude assessment, driver training), public relations and lobbying. Close cooperation with the public sector – from municipal authorities to ministries – ensures the definite and successful involvement into Austrian road safety work. This ranges from local black spot treatment and psychological driver testing to standardisation and legislation at federal level.
KfV is well integrated in the decision making process of legislation and administration. It was involved in the major legal steps towards improving road safety in Austria.
Reference projects are the Austrian road safety programme 2002-2010 and the Twinning project with Serbia, Ukraine and Egypt.
The Austrian Road Safety Board has also been involved in numerous projects of the 4th and 5th R&D Framework Programme (e.g. DUMAS, ESCAPE, SARTRE, IMMORTAL, TREE etc.), other EU-funded projects (e.g. ANDREA, DAN), COST Actions, and in a number of working groups at Commission level. It was also participated in the 6th Framework Programme in projects such as RiPCORD-iSEREST, In-Safety and SafetyNet.

Responsible Person

Christian Stefan

Other persons involved

Alexander Fürdös
Jürgen Pripfl