TUD Technische Universität Dresden

Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) is one of the oldest technical universities in Germany. It consists of fourteen different faculties; one of these is the Faculty for Transportation Sciences, the only one dedicated exclusively to research in traffic and transportation in Germany. Within this project two institutes of the Faculty for Transportation Sciences will be involved.
The Chair of Road Design (Head: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Lippold) deals with topics in the field of geometric design, road safety, road user behaviour and road data capturing. The Chair was involved in numerous research programs at national and international level. For example in Germany the new guidelines for road design of rural roads and Autobahns were led by the Chair of road design. Within RiPCORD-iSEREST Workpackage 10 which dealt with the development of a Safety Performance Function was led by this institute.  Two civil engineers, three traffic engineers and further scientific staff are employed and involved in research studies carried out by the Institute of Road Design. During the last six years a measuring vehicle has been developed in order to capture and collect road infrastructure parameters. For more information see http://www.strassenentwurf.tu-dresden.de/.
The Chair of Traffic & Transportation Psychology in the Faculty for Transportation Sciences consists of ten scientists: eight psychologists, one traffic economist and two engineers, thus allowing for an interdisciplinary approach to questions of mobility and safety. The research facilities at the Chair of Traffic & Transportation Psychology comprise a laboratory dedicated to perception, and a driving simulator. The Chair has participated in many national and international projects to mobility and traffic behaviour, traffic safety, acceptability analyses, and attitude and behaviour change, which included several aspects of the planed project. Especially the projects RiPCORD-iSEREST and Psychological and Physiological Limits of Drivers concerning Road Safety dealt with road design, driving behaviour and traffic safety. The Chair of Traffic & Transportation Psychology is currently working in a project in cooperation with the Chair of Road Design at TUD which investigates effects of cross-section design on driving behaviour on 2-1 streets which also concentrates on road design. For further information, please consult the website: http://www.verkehrspsychologie-dresden.de

Responsible Person

Matthias Dietze

Other persons involved

Christian Lippold
Dirk Ebersbach
Bernhard Schlag
Gert Weller