ERA-NET ROAD is a research programme which aims at encouraging joint research activities at the European level. The ERA-NET ROAD (ENR) partners are the United Kingdom, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Slovenia and Denmark.

Safety at the Heart of Road Design

“Safety at the Heart of Road Design” is one of the research programmes initiated by ENR. It is a cross-border funded, trans-national joint research programme. 

The participating National Road Administrations (NRA) in this activity are Austria, Belgium (Flanders), Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


The programme has three research objectives;

  1. development of evaluation tools;
  2. assessment of forgiving road safety measures;
  3. comparison and implementation of approaches of self-explaining roads.

Five projects that deal with one (or more) of these objectives were selected for research and are listed below.

  1. Evaluations to Realise a common Approach to Self-explaining European Roads (ERASER)
  2. Road Infrastructure Safety Management Evaluation Tools (RISMET) 
  3. Speed Adaptation Control by Self Explaining Roads (SPACE)
  4. Improving Roadside Design to Forgive Human Errors (IRDES)
  5. European Road Safety Inspection (EuRSI)


This website provides information about the project “Road Infrastructure Safety Management Evaluation Tools” (RISMET).