Work Package 5 : Guidelines and codes of practice

Work Package 5 brings together the results from different studies conducted in WP 2 to 4. These results will be employed to draft easy-to-use guidelines including:

  1. A document providing an overview of the supporting data system as outlined in WP 2, providing a specification of the data requirements, describing a uniform methodology to collect road geometric data and traffic volumes, and providing insight into the use of the various data (sources) in analyses.
    The document will also describe methodologies for data acquisition (sampling and inference methods, calculation of sample sizes to gain statistically significant results, computation of AADT from short-term observations etc.) and this will be based on the results from the foregoing activities, including a review of the literature sources. The outcome will be a documented data requirement specification which will form the basis for drafting the guidelines and specifications document.
  1. A document containing guidelines for developing and applying evaluation tools in road infrastructure safety management, with a focus on APMs for European road authorities. This document will be a state of the art outlining all aspects related to the development, application and future of such tools. The document brings together the knowledge and experience of various countries and presents a common approach for evaluating the effects of road safety engineering measures and treatments.

Additionally, possible research opportunities resulting from this work will be identified and recommendations regarding the future direction of evaluation tools such as APMs and their application will be made and submitted to the Programme Executive Board.