Work Package 3 : Applicability of existing evaluation tools; Review of current practices

Generally, (safety engineering) evaluation and management tools are developed for a specific use and may therefore not be suitable to be used across country borders without major changes or amendments. A number of related tools (such as road safety audits, road safety impact assessment, Road Protection Score etc.) which are not all evaluation tools, have been used in various countries across Europe (see RiPCORD-iSEREST). However, an evaluation of the available tools, and more importantly a comparison of these in terms of their applications and capabilities has not been conducted.
WP3 will make a complete as possible overview of engineering tools and applications for the management of road safety of rural roads at the local to network level. This overview will concentrate on tools and applications that estimate the road safety effects (on crashes, behaviour, conflicts, perception etc.) of individual or combined engineering improvements (safety improvements/remedial or new). The overview will be based on a limited quick scan supplemented by an internet based questionnaire survey. The quick scan review will make extensive use of the results of RiPCORD-iSEREST and similar studies. Via internet the questionnaire will be distributed among all national road authorities, research organisations and a sample of leading consulting engineers in member EU countries. The questionnaire will be based on a list of assessment criteria developed by the project team, in consultation with the Programme Executive Board and a number of National road authorities.

The purpose of WP3 is to obtain relevant information about the types of (road safety engineering) evaluation tools currently in use, including their application and purpose, their data (input) requirements, general data availability, their output and analyses capabilities, their limitations, the assumptions underlying the models, etc.

The WP3 final product will be a state of the art review report of engineering tools and applications currently used for road safety infrastructure management in EU member countries.