Work Package 2 : Data systems and requirements


At present, there are too few suitable evaluation tools for effective road safety management. However, the development of such tools depends upon the availability of high quality data, something which is often found to be lacking when these tools are applied at the road authority level for which they are developed. It may be preferable to develop models on the basis of available data rather than developing models hoping that this data will be collected and made available. However, a compromise between these approaches may be more likely to provide a realistic solution. Either way, a review of currently available data (systems) is essential to assess the feasibility and ultimately the potential for the envisaged evaluation tools. Such a review will take into consideration aspects such as the costs for data collection and analysis, the required quantity and quality of data, the benefits and disadvantages, and other related aspects such as data collection methods, reporting etc.

WP2 sets out to develop the data and system requirements necessary to support the development of (future) evaluation tools required for effectively managing road safety in EU countries. The requirements will be based on an extensive literature review in combination with the results from a questionnaire survey among national road authorities and among road safety research organisations in member EU countries.
WP2 will result in an inventory of available data on road accidents, road network geometry, and traffic (volumes, speeds, vehicle classification etc.). The results will be made available on data road maps and in data information sheets. The review will include an assessment of the data (reliability, coverage, cost etc.) and of the manner in which it is reported and recorded. The potential application of this data and these systems in  relation with the (future) development of road safety engineering evaluation tools will be explicitly addressed.